Enjoying The Gym

Today was my third day in the gym since getting my membership last Wednesday evening.  I was away for the weekend so I didn’t get there Saturday or Sunday.  Believe it or not, I’m enjoying it!  I might even go so far as to say I’m loving it!

What I am loving is the feeling of accomplishment.  The fact that I went there instead of coming home and laying on the couch watching tv.  It’s been a very enjoyable experience so far and I look forward to each workout now.  Tonight, I spent over two hours at the gym.  I did 33 minutes on the recumbent bike and pedaled over 5KM.  Unfortunately, I could only manage a miserable 3 minutes on the elliptical after having toughed out 5 minutes on it the first time I tried it last Thursday morning.


That machine is no laughing matter, my friends.  It looks easy and it even feels easy when you first step on it but after about 1 minute, it starts to send he signal to your muscles that you’re really using them and lots of them!  I may be crappy at it now but I’m just getting started.  The elliptical is now one of the machines that I have set a goal to get better and stronger at over time.  We’ll see where I am in a month, 3 months, six months and so on.

I also spent 45 minutes in the pool doing laps and other exercises in the deep water.  I love the pool and I always feel good after a swim.  20 minutes in the hot tub was Heavenly and 15 minutes in the steaming hot sauna had me dripping in sweat but, oddly enough, smelling really nice when I came out as one of the people in the sauna mixed some Jasmine essential oils with water and then poured it over the coals.  It was very relaxing and it smelled great!  I wish I could have stayed in there longer as I had a great sweat going on but I couldn’t.  It was just too hot after 15 minutes.  But I felt great after I came out.  Another short swim to cool off and now I’m back home.

It’s been a great first week so far and I am really enjoying the gym.  If you’re not hitting the gym, what’s stopping you?  If my fat ass can do it, anyone can!

Don’t be a couch potato like this guy…


See you at the gym!


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