Why Join My DietBet Games?

Why should you join my #DietBet game? I’m glad you asked! I’m a DietBet Master Coach and I’ve had over 1,000 unique players play in my games. Players in my games have lost a combined total weight of 6000.7 pounds!!! That’s 1.647 times the weight of a car!! My players have bet a total of $20,235 and my players have a win rate of 39.76%! All of that in the 23 games I’ve hosted. So, as you can see, my games have been a success and, more importantly, they’ve helped my players lose 6,000 POUNDS! My next game starts March 4th and only costs $10 to enter. Please join me and sign up now. Get paid to lose weight! Sign up now at http://dbet.me/LjgAuw


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