Why My Love For Hosting DietBets?

One of the things I love most about DietBet is that it allows me to help and motivate others which, in-turn, motivates me to keep going.

To me, DietBet is not about the money.  I love DietBet because of the tight-knit community of people helping people who are on the same weight-loss journey.  We all have different amounts of weight to lose but our goals are all the same…to lose weight and become healthy people.

When a group of people comes together in a DietBet game, that mantra holds true every time!  I have played a total of 32 DietBet games since I learned about DietBet and not once have I ever played a DietBet game where a single person rooted for another player to fail so they could win more money.  In each and every game, all players encouraged each other to do their best and reach their goals.  Although it’s nice to win some extra money, I believe that we all transcend that and we realize that we’re all in this together and the friendship and bonds of support that are made in a DietBet game are far more valuable than any dollar amount.

That is one of the key reasons that I have always enjoyed hosting my own DietBet games.  I’ve hosted a game with over $7000 in the pot and I also hosted a game last year that attracted over 500 players with a total pot of over $5000!

While playing in the most recent DietBet game I entered, “No Nonsense November With Dolvett”, I have met some of the most incredible and inspirational people I’ve ever met on DietBet.  They have encouraged me and they have accepted my motivation and encouragement and have posted positive messages to me that have made me feel welcomed and accepted.

I had a great conversation with my girlfriend over this past weekend and we discussed DietBet.  She encouraged me to start hosting games again because I have such a love and passion for it and it helps to keep me focused and motivated in my own weight loss journey.  She is an incredible support and motivator.  For this reason, I have decided to really focus on hosting DietBet games again and to growing my following so that I can help as many people as possible through my games.  I am hoping that you’ll join me for my return to DietBet hosting by playing in my next game “We Can Lose It With Jeff!”

By hosting monthly games, I am hoping that my fellow players will get in the habit of joining me every month for lots of motivation, encouragement and fun!  I believe in keeping things light while posting as much encouragement and motivation as I possibly can!  I am not one of those hosts who reels you in, makes a post or two in the first week and then abandons you…I am there for the long haul because, just like you, I am a player!  I am a man who has over 100 pounds to lose so I need all the help and encouragement I can get!  I call my weight-loss journey my #MarchTo100 signifying my journey to losing 100 pounds.

March To 100 WordPress Banner

If I have inspired, encouraged, motivated you…or even made you smile, I would love to have you join me for my next DietBet game and to have you spread the word to others who may enjoy my encouragement and motivation.  I’ll be sharing healthy recipes, too!

As the numbers and pot sizes grow over time, I plan to offer bonus prizes such as FitBits and WiFi scales….but in order to do that, I need players…so I am hoping you’ll go and sign up for my next game right now and start spreading the word to others!  🙂

The entry fee for March’s DietBet is only $10 and I know we’ll all need to start Spring off on the right foot…so my gift to you is my commitment to being there for you from day one until the end of the game and motivating and encouraging you as much as I possibly can.  When you play in my DietBet games, you are not a player to me…you are my friend!

As you may have seen in-game or in my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, I end most of my posts with the hashtags #ZeroFailureMindset and #WeCanLoseIt  These are my mottos and I hope you’ll adopt them as well as we journey into the warmer weather of 2018.  Join me now and let’s start off 2018 on the right foot.  What have you got to lose?  Weight!  What have you got to gain?  My support, encouragement, motivation and friendship.

I’m a DietBet Master Coach…and together, We Can Lose It!

I wish you all the best on your weight-loss journey!  I’m always here for you!

Please take a moment and sign up for my next DietBet game right now!  The faster we start building the pot, the higher it will get!  Start the ball rolling right now!

Signups are open RIGHT NOW!  Sign up by clicking here.

Thank you for your friendship and let’s do this together in 2018!

Your Friend,




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